Ditch the drill.

Steel Magic Shelf installs in seconds with a hammer.

No more drilling.
No more drywall anchors.
Our patented locking nails leave minimal damage to walls.

Hammer in, hammer out.

How Does it Work?

Steel Magic Shelf products use a patented nail and mount system.  All you need is a hammer: just hammer the nails into the mount, and the nails lock into place.  That’s it – you’re done! You can now install just about anything in seconds.

Patented Sept. 7, 2021.

Our products are just as easy to remove.

Just hammer upward at the base of the mount to remove the mount from the wall. The nails leave only small nail holes behind.

Steel Magic Shelves are reusable. Nails can be detached from the mount after removal. Just tap the nails from the back of the mount with a hammer.

All mounts can be installed traditionally with regular screws.

Steel Magic Shelf Products

The Steel Shoe Rail

The Shoe Rail is a 1.5” x 24” steel and wood shelf that offers an innovative storage solution for any shoe with a heel. 8 pound limit.

The Steel Ledge Shelf

The Ledge Shelf is 4” x 20” modern steel ledge, perfect for just about anywhere. Installs in seconds. 10 pound limit.

The Steel Dot Shelf

The Dot Shelf is a versatile 4” circle shelf. Perfect for your plant collection! 15 pound limit.

The Steel Hook

The Hook is a catch-all hook perfect for towels, robes, jackets, and purses. 35 pound limit.

No drills, no studs, no problem.

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About Us

Steel Magic Shelf was invented by Melanie Cogburn and is based in Austin, Texas.

US Patent 11,111,942
Other patents pending